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Highly profitable entertainment games

Take part in investment games and earn real money
right within COINRUN payment system.

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Service benefits

Evaluate our benefits over classic pseudo-investment projects which made your profitability to be dependent on the administrator. We provide you with fair participation terms and a profitable game till the final payment!

Fixed fee for each game

You pay just a small amount for entering the game, which in fact is the fee we charge for the system maintenance. The entire game program monetary turnover is fully spent for payments to participants.

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Instant replenishment and withdrawal

We value your time: instant balance replenishment, deposit payout and immediate transfers to external payment systems without waiting for the operation to be approved.


Multi-level affiliate program

Profitable affiliate program: involve users to COINRUN entertainment services and get an income from the entire referrals chain up to the third level.

Over 51 investors participate in our investment games

Game 4

Days online: 1
Administration fee: 5%
715 USD∙0 RUB



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Profit Duration Minimum Maximum

every day Deposit is included in payouts

40 days 10 USD
600 RUB
100 USD
6000 RUB


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Investment games

Highly profitable financial games which imply payouts in full.

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Last updates

CoinRun update and investment games restart

We carried out a large-scale payment system update: something will be noticeable immediately, while others are not obvious. But the most important is CoinRun works much better! Let's analyze the most important aspects.

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